2870 E 3300  S Salt Lake City UT 84109


We are now accepting applications for our Christmas season and for our future locations.
Management and hourly positions.

The MultiMedia Centers is looking for an assistant managers to assist in running our consumer and professional analog tape & film transfer to digital media business. We are looking for an outside young teckie and social media savvy individual to bring his/her new ideas and experiences to our 39-year-old family operated business. You will be required to assist in all areas of production, customer service, and marketing (social media – facebook, twitter, eMail, etc.).

We would like someone to work five days a week (four week days 10-6 and Saturdays 10-2 preferable but not required). We are flexible with hours if you are taking college classes. We are open 10-6 weekdays and in the summer 10-2 Saturdays. If you want full-time hours you can also come in earlier or stay later to meet your individual schedule.

As we expand and open other locations, if you are the right fit, you will have the opportunity to move into a full managerial position. Some locations would be open 9-9 and you would be responsible to staff your store.If you are an educated, fun, self-starter, entrepreneur, have a drive to put in that extra push to increase our business and your compensation, may want to run your own company someday, love challenges, enjoy helping people, are creative & fun, career minded, want an “in” in a no vertical limit job, THIS IS THE JOB FOR YOU!Please no phone calls. We have work to do!!!

Please eMail us any questions you may have and we will respond. Please eMail or drop off your resume ALONG with our employee form available by clicking above on the PDF or WORD document icons.

PLEASE do not apply if:

  • You are going to need to take two years off.
  • Just want to work here until you find a bigger salary.
  • Your dream job is 9-5.
  • Are not interested in working harder to increase your compensation.
  • Require company covered (supplied) medical and/or dental insurance/benefits.
  • Have a family and a ton of bills and are looking for a temporary “fix.”

"Preserving Your Memories Since 1973" With over 30 years of experience, The MultiMedia Centers provide a personalized service for all your multimedia needs!